CES 2017: Nvidia Announces GeForce Now, 4K Shield TV and More

CES 2017 Nvidia Announces GeForce Now, 4K Shield TV and More

Nvidia took CES 2017  to announce its latest endeavours in the field of AI, autonomous cars and video games service. Nvidia launches Nvidia 4K Shield TV, GeForce Now gaming service.

CES 2017 have been quite exciting for gamers as lot of good stuffs got launched. The Nvidia GeForce Now gaming service will be for PC and Mac. Its venture in autonomous cars led to the announcement of Nvidia BB8 autonomous car.

Nvidia GeForce Now Gaming Service

  • Instead of running the games locally, the cloud service will enable games to run in the cloud.
  • This will lead to no need for downloading huge files and updates.
  • GeForce Now will turn your PC into a Nvidia Pascal gaming rig.
  • Easy access to high-end PC games.
  • Even low-end PCs or Macs will be able to get excellent graphics and performance.
  • It will run through a service similar to Steam.

As per Nvidia blogpost,

“It’s a simple way for new players who may not have access to a high-performance GeForce GTX gaming rig to experience great PC gaming,”

“It connects gamers to GeForce GTX 1080 PCs in the cloud, renders games with the latest NVIDIA GameWorks visual technology and streams them in high definition to PCs and Macs.”

Well CES 2017 is already proving to be amazing for the gaming world.

CES 2017: Nvidia Announces GeForce Now, 4K Shield TV and More
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  • SgtMagusUSMC

    So the difference is in the Pro you get 500Gb and Google Assistant and it comes with the remote, that used to be like $50? I own the first Shield TV with 16GB and I threw in a 64GB MicroSD card which I made all the files download into. I stream media FROM my PC to my Shield so I don’t need to use it as a Plex Media Center nor do I need 500GB. The gen2 Pro has the new controller but I didn’t notice volume control on it. Correct me if its there. I am guessing they are just trying to say HEY WE STILL HAVE THE BEST STREAMING BOX AND YOU CAN PC GAME ON IT! Whether that is GameStream or Thru GeForce Now which I subscribed to and got rid of Hulu+. Trying to KODI the Shield TV up with Android TV OS and not root it into a Android Tablet UI just to not have to DL TPB stuffs. Amazon right now will pay me $155.26 for my Shield with Controller and my remote that I wouldn’t need if the gen2 come with both. Also a new “old” condition controller, as in the first controller, is going for crazy prices on Amazon Sellers and I have an extra brand new one that I never even opened. The only problem as a Shield TV owner is the inability to use your STEAM games and on some games the controller is not mapped correctly to the, say, XBOX 360 controller does with a PC. If I an get $50 for the other controller than it would be ~$100 to upgrade to the Pro, get the Google Assistant that I can connect those plugs to so it can make me coffee, yay, I get the remote included, more internal space, Plex and Kodi, a new UI, a newly designed controller but still can’t see the volume control but I like the design. I have a 4K HDR TV and it supports HDMI-CEC so that’s cool with volume etc. I would absolutely put a value of $50 to be able to play my STEAM library on the Shield TV and my 4K TV with HDR, hopefully with GeForce now, which in my opinion lacks a sufficient library however I can just run a GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 and plug it right into my computer and use that to game. It is kind of tough. I think the different size frames is them being able to fit the 500GB Pro in the same box as the gen1 Shield TV whereas the one without the 500GB doesn’t need extra space so might as well make it smaller. IDK what I will do. I may trade mine in with the remote and try to sell my Brand New in Box gen1 controller to get as close to $299 as I can however I don’t see the need to upgrade from gen1 to gen2 but if you don’t have a Shield TV I would probably go for the gen2 16GB version or see if you can get a good deal on a gen1 unless that controller is really appealing and realize it does not come with the remote, it is $49.99 extra new. So IDK. Maybe I will pre-order the new one, set it up and see if I like it better and in the meantime trade in the old one because if there’s no difference I can just use the money for the 16GB version and have it the same as my previous Shield TV setup albeit with an included remote and new controller. Decisions, decisions…