Destiny 2 Guide: Infusion Explanation, How to Use Infusion

Destiny 2

Destiny 2, sequel to 2014 Destiny game, is releasing for PC in October 2017. This first-person shooter game released for PS4 and Xbox One on 6 Sep 2017. This guide is about Destiny 2 Infusion explanation, and how to use Infusion. With the return of Destiny 2 mods, the complexity of the Infusion system in this game has increased. It can give you new effects and Power to your gear to give you the edge in leveling up end-game. This guide will explain the Infusion system in the game.

Destiny 2 Infusion Explanation, How to Use Infusion

Infusing means increasing the power level of one piece of gear by consuming it from a higher piece of the same type. Hover over one piece of your gear and press Preview. Select the leftmost option in the Armour Mods selection. The items available to fuse will be displayed underneath here. This is how you use infusion.

The gear you infuse will be removed from your inventory so you need to be sure whether you want to dispose off or keep it. Infusion works only on Exotic and Legendary gear. You need a Legendary Shard and 500 Glimmer to perform an infusion. Your mod’s power level needs to be high enough to match the power level of the lower gear piece. Lastly, infusion works only within the same subcategory of gear.

Note that infusion does not work across classes. It is recommended to keep hold of any high Power items of a variety of classes especially if they have a mod attached.

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Destiny 2 Guide: Infusion Explanation, How to Use Infusion October 5, 2017
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