Far Cry 5 Guide: List Of All Guns For Hire

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Here we will check out Far Cry 5 list of all guns for hire. Released on Mar 27, 2018, Ubisoft’s Far Cry 5 has received good reception. It is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Just like previous Far Cry games, this too is an open world game where you are free to roam around and explore. You can do your exploration on foot or in vehicles available.

Guns For Hire in this game are people and animals you can recruit to fight alongside you. You can have one gun for hire at your side at a time unless you have unlocked the Leadership perk. This guide will list out all the Guns For Hire available in the game and how to get them.

Far Cry 5 Guide: List Of All Guns For Hire

There are a total of 9 Guns For Hire, 6 human and 3 animal. Each one has their special mission and unique skill-set and abilities to help you out in battle. Here is the list.

BOOMER THE DOG – He is a Fan For Hire. Help Boomer at the Rae-Rae’s Pumpkin Farm in Holland Valley to recruit him.

NICK RYE – He is a Gun For Hire who uses his plane to attack from the sky. Help him at the Rye’s And Son Aviation in Holland Valley to recruit him.

GRACE ARMSTRONG – She is a sniper and very useful for taking out enemies from a distance. Help her at the Lamb Of God Church in Holland Valley to recruit her.

CHEESEBURGER THE BEAR – He is a Fang For Hire. Help Wade at the FANG Centre in Whitetail Mountains to unlock this bear as a recruit.

HURK DRUBMAN JR. – He is an RPG specialist, being able to take out land and air vehicles with ease. Help him at the Fort Drubman in Whitetail Mountains to recruit him.

JESS BLACK – She is a stealth expert and very useful for taking out enemies without blowing cover. Help her at the Baron Lumber Mill in Whitetail Mountains to recruit her.

PEACHES THE CAT – She is a Fang For Hire and great at stalking enemies. Help Mable at the Peaches Taxidermy in Henbane River to unlock this cat as a recruit.

SHARKY BOSHAW – He is an explosive expert and resistant to explosive damage as well. Help him at the Moonflower Trailer Park in Henbane River to recruit him.

ADELAIDE DRUBMAN – She flies a helicopter and provides great air support. She also has big guns with huge magazines without needing to reload often. Help her at the Drubman Marina in Henbane River to recruit her.

Apart from these specialists, you can also have random NPCs fight for you as Fighters For Hire. Help them out in missions whenever you see one. These NPCs take up the same slots as Guns And Fangs For Hire but they have bonuses which can be unlocked. These bonuses buff up your own abilities and you can unlock them by having these NPCs make kills. For example, Linda Stout, a soldier unlocked early in the game, tags all enemies at the start of any uncounter and makes you untrackable in tall grass. That’s all from Far Cry 5 list of all guns for hire guide.

Far Cry 5 Guide: List Of All Guns For Hire May 24, 2018
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