Final Fantasy XV Guide: Best Weapons Locations

Final Fantasy XV Guide Best Weapons Locations

Getting good weapons is always advantageous as it makes battles much easier. This best weapons locations guide will show the locations of some of the best weapons in Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV Best Weapons Locations

Location 1

Get to the Lestallum. Meet Randolph there. He will give you five quests. Take all the quests and finish them. After finishing each quest, you will be rewarded with a powerful weapon along with a ton of XP.

Location 2

You need to go deep in the dungeons with the key. Complete Balouve Mines, Costlemark, Crestholm Channels, Tower and Daurell Caverns in the main quest. Then, you are able to get 9 quests titled ‘A Menace Sleeps In X’ from Ezma. These are difficult quests but you will get a lot of gil and XP. Finish all of them to get Hunter’s Medal which helps to make powerful spells.

Location 3

Get to Altassia. Follow the purple line. You will find a Precision Lance and an Enforcer Gun. Buy 100 medals and use 50 of them in a bet. If the level is close, bet on groups of monsters. If the bet is one on one, select a high level monster. In a one versus two situation, bet on a good conditioned monster. Dont use your first heal at once. Save it and use the 2nd or 3rd heal whenever required. By this way, you can farm for weapons by earning medals faster.

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Final Fantasy XV Guide: Best Weapons Locations January 11, 2017
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