Final Fantasy XV Guide: Fishing Spots Locations

Final Fantasy XV Guide: Fishing Spots Locations

Final Fantasy XV released for PS4 and Xbox One in Nov 2016. It is an open world environment and a battle system similar to the Kingdom Hearts series. Fishing is a mini-game in Final Fantasy XV which allows you to catch different kinds of fish. The rewards are AP, fishes you can cook recipes with and craft. This fishing spots locations guide will show the locations of different fishing spots in the game and the fishes available in those spots.

Select a tool from the Tackle menu and throw the lure into the water. When you see a fish on the screen, wait for the bar to fill. Once the bar is full, catch the fish. Yellow fishes are used for recipes while blue fishes give treasures. Here is the list.

Final Fantasy XV Fishing Spots Locations

  • Big Cygillan Sea Bass – Gondola Marina.
  • Big Giant Trevally – Vannath Coast.
  • Big Cleigne Brown Trout – Myrlwood Falls.
  • Big Rainbow Trout – The Maidenwater, Forgotten Pond and River Wennath.
  • Big Alstor Bass – Reservoir, Neeglyss Pond , Malacchi Pond, Crestholm, Swainsmere, Rachsia Bridge and Daurell Spring.
  • Crag Barramundi – Neeglyss Pond and The Vesperpool’s East Bank.
  • Chrome Rainbow Trout – Myrlwood Falls and River Wennath.
  • Cherrycomb Trout – River Wennath.
  • Callatein Brook Trout – Myrlwood Falls  and River Wennath.
  • Chipped Bluegill – Neeglyss Pond, Swainsmere, Rachsia Bridge  and Forgotten Pool.
  • Dark Allural Sea Bass – Caem Shore.
  • Fan Bluegill – Vesperpool’s West Bank.
  • Galdin Trevally – Vannath Coast.
  • Glowing Barrelfish – Vannath Coast.
  • Glimmering Bluegill – Vesperpool’s East and West Banks.
  • Garnet Snakehead – Daurell Spring , Malacchi Pond and The Vesperpool’s West Bank.
  • Golden Catfish – Crestholm Reservoir and the East and West Bank of the Vesperpool.
  • Horned Bluegill – Neeglyss Pond, Swainsmere , Forgotten Pool  and Crestholm Reservoir,
  • Jade Snakehead – Daurell Spring.
  • King Catfish – Neeglyss Pond.
  • Lucinian Sea Bass – Gondola Marina.
  • Lucian Catfish – Neeglyss Pond, Swainsmere, Malacchi Pond and Crestholm Reservoir.
  • Murk Grouper – Vannath Coast.
  • Maiden Brook Trout – Maidenwater and  Myrlwood Falls.
  • Nebula Salmon – The Maidenwater and Rachsia Bridge.
  • Platinum Myrltrout – Myrlwood Falls.
  • Phoenix Bass – Daurell Spring and The Vesperpool’s East Bank.
  • Small Cleigne Brown Trout – Myrlwood Falls.
  • Small Cygillan Sea Bass – Gondola Marina.
  • Small Rainbow Trout – River Wennath, The Maidenwater and Forgotten Pool,
  • Small Giant Trevally – Vannath Coast.
  • Snakehead – Daurell Spring  and Malacchi Pond.
  • Small Alstor Bass – Swainsmere, Malacchi Pond, Daurell Spring, Rachsia Bridgeand Crestholm Reservoir.
  • Striped Barramundi – Caem Shore.
  • Sapphire Snakehead – East and West Bank of the Vesperpool.
  • Tide Grouper – Caem Shore and Gondola Marina.
  • Vesper Gar – Vesperpool’s West Bank.
  • Zipper Barramundi – Rachsia Bridge.

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Final Fantasy XV Guide: Fishing Spots Locations January 9, 2017
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