Final Fantasy XV Guide: Glass Gemstone Locations

Final Fantasy XV Guide: Glass Gemstone Locations

Final Fantasy XV, an open world environment, released for PS4 and Xbox One in Nov last year. It is a battle system similar to the Kingdom Hearts series. To upgrade the engine blade, you need an item known as the glass gemstone. Take on the quest A Better Engine Blade 2 at Hammerhead Outpost to upgrade the engine blade. This glass gemstone Locations guide will show the locations of these gemstones in the game.

Final Fantasy XV Glass Gemstone Locations

Location 1

Go to the south-west corner of the map to Cape Caem. On your way to the lighthouse, you will find a small building.

Open the door and go in. There will be a well and on top of that well is a glass gemstone.

Location 2

Go to Lestallum City. Follow the main road and go to the Newfields building on the right side.

Search under the arches on the front porch of the building.

Location 3

This is in the Altissa. Exit the Royal Suite Lodging. Go left to take the archway.

The gemstone is under the archway near the green door and the staircase.

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Final Fantasy XV Guide: Glass Gemstone Locations January 10, 2017
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