Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Guide: How To Defeat Boss – Complete Boss Guide

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice released on August 8, 2017. Ninja Theory’s action-adventure hack and slash game is available for PC and PS4. In this guide we will talk about Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Boss guide. We will see how to defeat boss and all of them. The game’s story revolves around a Pict based on Celtic and Norse mythology. The game takes you through Senua’s personal journey through a hellish underworld. This underworld is the result of her psychotic manifestations of her reality and mind.

Let’s go ahead with this Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice complete boss guide. The bosses in this game are very deadly and can be very difficult to take down if you do not know the proper strategy. There will a Norse mythological creature and may be a god that you will face in the major encounters. This guide will show some tips and strategies to beat every boss in the game. (SPOILERS IN THE LAST BOSS FIGHT).

Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Guide: How To Defeat Boss | Complete Boss Guide


Note that the path splits in two directions. Take the right path to the fire trial to encounter Surt or take the left path to encounter Valravn (Illusion Trial).

Surt is slow and he will be bang his sword into the ground. You have to dodge right and make use of heavy attacks. When he kneels to spread around flame, back off and run around his back to attack. Continue attacking him until Surt knocks you back. It is not possible to counter this surt’s attacks. Avoid attacking him if he lights himself on fire. Use Senua’s focus vision ability to put out the fire and return Surt back to normal. You cannot defeat him when he is on fire so do not even try. After getting rid of the fire, you have to hit him with a full combo of heavy attacks. This will knock him down to a knee. He will be vulnerable and so it will be easy to carry out the next attacks. That was the Surt boss guide.


Now let’s talk about Valravn boss guide. This is the boss fight if you take the left path. Now Valravn is a fast boss. He attacks Senua with minions and uses tricks and long-range attacks. This is a long fight so be prepared. After you damage him a bit, he will summon spectral enemies. These are easy opponents so finish them off.

He is fast and so Valravn will quickly swoop in with two quick cuts followed by a third. You can parry his light attacks with a well-timed block and you can also block his heavy jump attack. This boss also has a quick charge attack.While floating in the air and he targets himself like a missile and attack. You have to dodge right or left to escape. When he targets Senua from a medium range, dodge. Then quickly attack his back when he gets vulnerable. Block and parry his light attacks and keep attacking. As Valravn starts projectile attacks, use dodge forward invincibility frames to get to him avoiding the projectiles. Make use of the focus vision as he turns into a shadow. Your attacks will not affect him when in shadow form so make sure to revert him back to normal.


Be in the light shaft. Then make use of focus for slowing down time. Then attack Fenrir. Normal attacks are useless so use focus. Fenrir’s attacks are bite and slamming its front legs on Senua. You should use heavy attacks and should always dodge. Do not block as that will knock down Senua. Dodge his slow attack, attack with heavy attacks and dodge again. As Fenrir slams the ground, you have to quickly move back and escape the area of effect.

After depleting his health enough, he will use a darkness attack filling the whole area with darkness. As soon as the arena lights up for a moment, it means Fenrir is attacking so you will have a very short time to dodge this attack. Get ready for a quick dodge roll. Do not attack him in this darkness. Let the light come back and then finish him off.


This is last boss guide. For this final boss, you get a powerful sword which can one hit KO minions. In order to kill regular enemies in one hit, you have to initiate sprinting stab combo. For that use focus and L1 + Square on PS4.

The boss fight will be preceded by you getting to an area. In this area, you will see that a lot of regular enemies spawn. Use the method described above to dispose off everyone quickly. After killing many enemies, you will find that on the second area platform, you will find a shadow appearing. This shadow will transform into the bosses you have encountered previously. Use focus and dodge all attacks as described in the above boss fights and keep attacking. Now finally on the final platform, get to place that has Hela crouched in the center. This the place Senua will surrender to the enemies here. Watch the scene where they kill Senua and that is the end. What a sorry way to go…

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Hellblade Senua’s Sacrifice Guide: How To Defeat Boss – Complete Boss Guide August 15, 2017
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