How Getting More Sleep in Bed Will Make You a Better Gamer

How Getting More Sleep in Bed Will Make You a Better Gamer

Every gamer knows that sleep is not that important – after all most of the good gaming rounds happen late at night, right? Well, it seems that, if you lose too many nights, your gaming performance will be the one to take the hardest hit.

Gamers or not, we’re humans and we all need sleep to refresh our brain and boost focus. Still, seen from a gamer’s point of view, sleep is very important. I know it’s hard to believe me, which is why I decided to take the scientific approach, and prove to you that you can be a better gamer is you sleep right.

How Getting More Sleep in Bed Will Make You a Better Gamer

It Consolidates Skills

According to scientists, sleep is great for consolidating things we learn during the day. So, regardless of the fact that you’re a student preparing for finals or a gamer that just started a new and cool game, sleep will help consolidate those skills and information. So, if you feel you’re struggling with a new game in the evening, you may get better by the morning if you go to bed before midnight.

Boosts Creativity

Most games have a creative side where you have to figure out various ways to reach the end of the level or to beat the final boss. Some may require a strategic approach and some may even require some special skills.
In any case, you will definitely perform better if you are rested as it was proven that sleep boosts creativity and original thinking. Of course, you need to get just the right amount of sleep for this to be true (there’s also a downside to sleeping too much).

Improves Performance

A Stanford University study proved that athletic performance can be improved with high-quality sleep. But this is not valid just for athletes; it’s also applicable to everyday life and other activities such as gaming. So, if you want to get better and move through missions faster and swifter, make sure to keep a regular sleep schedule.
Still, in order to get the kind of sleep that improves performance, you’ll also need a proper mattress. This means that the sleeping surface must be according to your needs, and you can learn more from the trymattress – review guide. This aspect is of paramount importance for anyone who wants to enjoy a good night sleep!

It Improves your Attention Span

Many games require focus and a good memory and it is difficult to become better if you have a short attention span. According to recent studies, people who have trouble sleeping (because of sleep apnea or snoring) also have a shorter attention span and problems focusing on one task at a time. The same goes if you’re losing precious sleep in order to play games.

This means that, an extra hour dedicated to gaming instead of sleeping will definitely downgrade your performance and your efforts will be in vain.

Tension Release

When you’re focused on implementing the best battle strategy or acing that crazy-difficult level, you don’t really notice your position in the chair or on the couch. Your entire focus is on the game and you don’t seem to be too bothered by an uncomfortable position. However, when the game is over, you’ll feel the pain and only a good night sleep (or a massage) can provide some relief.
Overall, high-quality sleep is definitely your best advantage point when it comes to performance and sharpness during your gaming sessions, so don’t ignore it!

So now you how getting more sleep in bed will make you a better gamer. You may also like to read Does Call of Duty WWII Live Up To The Expectations?.

How Getting More Sleep in Bed Will Make You a Better Gamer December 12, 2017
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