Nintendo’s Super Mario Run Android Version; Download Available on 23rd March

Super Mario Run Reached 90 Million Downloads

The extremely popular Super Mario Run was previously only available on the iOS for the IPhone and IPad which offered a small playtime after which it would rudely ask you to purchase the complete game for $9.99. The game is now available for Android.

You will be able to pre-register for the game, which is a sound way to go meaning you would be able to jump into the game, the second it launches, if however the servers aren’t too crowded.

The Android version will also be shipped with the latest 2.0 version of the game and Nintendo has not yet revealed what the update will bring for the Android version of Super Mario run.

If you’re a Mario fan, the game is actually pretty fun especially since it’s conveniently tied with your mobile phone, but you would have to pay a hefty $10 for the game.

Ahmed Abdullah

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