Prey Guide: Starbender Cycle Books Locations

Starbender Cycle Books Locations

Prey is an action-adventure game developed by Arkane Studios. It can be played from a first-person perspective. You play as Morgan Yu, fighting and finding a way out of the space station, Talos 1. The space station has a number of hostile aliens known collectively as the Typhon. You have find a way out and escape. This guide focuses on Prey Starbender cycle books locations. Prey released this year in May. It is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Prey includes collectibles and one of them is Starbender Cycle Books. You need to collect all of them to get the ‘Prime Master’ achievement. This guide will show the locations of these books in the game.

Prey Starbender Cycle Books Locations

BOOK 1 – The Darkstar Anomaly

Its in Crew Quarters, Crew Cabin B. From Crew Cabin 2, go to Room number 112 (D.SHO). The book is on the right side of the wall next to the bed.

BOOK 2 – My Enemy’s Enemy’s Enemy

It is in Arboretum Level 3 in Crew Cabin A. Get the keycard from Marietta’s body on top of the Arboretum. Go to Crew Quarters. Go into Crew Cabin A and enter room number 102 (J. MARKS). Find the book on the left shelf.

BOOK 3 – Spatial Delivery

It is in Crew Cabin B at the Recreation Center. Go upstairs in the recreation center and get Abigail’s cabin keycard and then enter Crew Cabin B room number 109 (A. FOY). The book is on the bed.

BOOK 4 – Backstabbed In The Face

It is in Crew Cabin B at the Cafeteria. Go to Cafeteria and talk to the cook. Get the keycard and enter Crew Cabin A room number 106 (W. MITCHELL). The book is on the bed.

BOOK 5 – Crown Of Tumbleweed

It is in Cargo Bay Level 2. Walk on the bridge till you reach a room. Go out all the way from the exit and take the first right in the room and you will find the book on a table to your left.

BOOK 6 – Darkstar Rising

It is the Executive Suite’s Area in Arboretum Level 3. Go to Alex’s office on top of the Arboretum. A maintenance access panel is behind the desk and it is blocked by an object. Go in and follow the path. Unlock the safe (8112) and grab the keycard. Go to Crew Quarters and then to Executive Suite’s Area. Go to Room number 303 (ALEX YU) and get the book from the table on the right.

Prey Guide: Starbender Cycle Books Locations May 16, 2017
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