Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Main Quest – Umon’s Ship Guide

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Guide

This Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Main Quest guide is about Umon’s Ship. For finishing this quest, you will need Diamond Oak. The clue isn’t of much help and hence this guide will show how to finish this quest in the game.

XC2 is published by Nintendo and XC2 features a new world. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 also features new characters and is a direct sequel to the first game Xenoblade Chronicles. XC2 released on Dec 1, 2017. Developed by Monolith Soft, XC2 is available for the Nintendo Switch console. The game’s protagonist is Rex who along with his friend Pyra, search the world for Elysium which is the ultimate paradise for humanity.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Main Quest – Umon’s Ship Guide

Find Umon’s Shipyard in the Greatspine Boundary area of Gormott Province, to the west. You will have to travel to the north of Gormott Province Upper Level – Right Area. This is the Verdant Plateau. Since the plateau is on a higher altitude, you will need to keep climbing as well. You will eventually reach a small lake. Swim across and follow the path forward to reach the Greatspine Boundary. Just follow the quest marker from there.

Talk to Umon and he will task you with finding ten Puzzletree Wood and five Diamond Oak. Check the collection points in the woods to get the former items.

For Diamond Oak, you will have to go to Dawnview Grotto which is in a hidden area of Gormott Province. First, skip travel to the Waypoint on the Upper Level – Right Area. You will be in the Garanti Plain. Walk up to the tree with huge roots till you reach a grassy area. Go right and then up the left path. Now, you will reach some climbable vines.

Go right when on top of the vines and you will encounter some Lance Tirkin enemies. You will eventually see a path leading into a rock. At the other side of this cave lies Dawnview Grotto. There are a bunch of red bag-like objects containing Diamond Oak in each one. Collect them all and head back and talk to Umon.

Now, Umon tasks you with finding the Titan. The Titan is in Masrah Spring, northwest of the Outlook Knoll skip travel point. Go to that point and from there, follow the western path. The Titan will appear in high tide only so make sure you go at that time. That’s how you can complete Xenoblade Chronicles 2 main quest Umon’s Ship. You may like to read about Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Side Quest Tranquility Guide.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Main Quest – Umon’s Ship Guide December 23, 2017
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