3 Common Samsung Phone Problems and Their Solutions

3 Common Samsung Phone Problems and Their Solutions

Having problems with your android cell phone? Check out these three common Samsung phone problems, and their solutions, to get you back on your phone today.

Do you have a Samsung phone? Are you having some problems with it?

Samsung is a powerhouse when it comes to smartphones. The features and specifications are one of the reasons why they are the top-selling global smartphone producer in the market. Despite that, you might still experience Samsung phone problems. 

There are some easy solutions to your problems that you can use without going to the nearest Samsung store to repair it. Lucky for you, we have a guide to walk you through the process.

Find out the 3 common Samsung issues and how to deal with them:

1. Battery Drains Faster Than It Should

Do you always find your phone’s battery empty? It might be because you haven’t optimized the apps and settings of your phone. This can cause the battery to burn out.

One of the first things you can do is to enable Power Saving Mode. This will turn down certain features that might be running in the background. This mode will maximize your battery life.

If that doesn’t work, check if you use a genuine phone charger. Not only is using a knock-off charger dangerous, but it could also damage your device. Samsung themselves doesn’t recommend using replacements that aren’t from their company as they can be incompatible with your phone.

2. Phone Is Overheating

Heavy usage of the phone might be too demanding on your processor. Overworking your phone with too many apps and demanding games can cause overheating.

If you need a break every now and then, so does your phone. It’s one of the most common broken Galaxy S9 problems. 

Try to power off your Samsung device for half an hour to cool it down. After that, make sure to update your phone daily to fix any bugs. 

3. You Can’t Hear Sounds/Music

Do you like to listen to music? Thinking of trying that infamous audiobook that your friends keep going on about? You won’t be able to do all this when sounds won’t come out of your phone.

First off, turn off your phone’s silent mode, it might be the reason why you’re not hearing the notifications. If that’s not it, check out your volume settings and adjust them.

Try to look at your phone’s speaker and check if something blocks out the sound. If you see dirt or debris, try to clean it or blow it out.

When All Else Fails

Though we do recommend exploring other options and solutions first, when all else fails, you might consider doing a factory reset. It won’t delete everything on your phone instead it will go back to its original manufacturer settings. Factory reset will undo everything you might have altered.

Be careful, as the wrong reset option could delete all your apps, files, and data. Back-up and restore your data using Samsung Cloud before you factory reset.

Fix Your Samsung Phone Problems Today

Be sure to follow the tips and solutions to fix common Samsung phone problems. Samsung troubleshooting doesn’t have to be hard!

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