3 Things that Would Make the Nintendo Switch Launch Fantastic

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Following the reveal trailer earlier in the week, most gamers are now heavily anticipating the Nintendo Switch launch on march 2017. But here are three concrete things that could realistically happen at launch and would give said release a ton more weight. These things are not confirmed, but they’re very much possible.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Skyrim Remastered are Launch Titles

These are two games we saw tentatively running on the system in the trailer (the others were Mario games), but how awesome would it be to play them at launch? It would make a great statement for Nintendo to have both a brand new Zelda game and a fantastic third-party title on the system out of the gate. Development of Breath of the Wild has to be advanced at this point (we’ve seen a lot of footage, and the game is confirmed to release in 2017), and Skyrim Remastered is coming this year to all other platforms. It’s certainly possible.

The Traditional Controller Comes With the System

We got to see in the trailer the Switch’s unique control system, but we also got the system supports a 100% regular controller that gamers can use when they’re at home if they so choose (and maybe also on the go, that much isn’t clear yet). This is fantastic news because some people might not want to use the Switch’s unique controller when just playing normally on their couch, and plus more options is always better. It would put Nintendo in a great position if this traditional controller comes in the box instead of having to be bought separately.

It Has Bluetooth

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s so important that it must be mentioned. With a system all about taking it wherever you go and connecting things wirelessly to it, we pray that Nintendo finally catches up with the mid-00s and puts Bluetooth in their home console. If they do so, it would be the first time this happens. Following the hype of the Nintendo Switch launch, it could cause a big wave of third-party accessories that connect to the system, vastly expanding its reach. We hope Nintendo opens up instead of only developing technology that works with itself.