3 Things Red Dead Redemption 2 Could Learn from Grand Theft Auto 5

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Since releasing the first Red Dead Redemption in 2010, Rockstar went on to work on their most ambitious and successful project to date, Grand Theft Auto 5. Not only was that game immense, it also added several gameplay improvements to Rockstar’s excellent open-world formula that we hope the team implements into their upcoming Red Dead Redemption 2 [watch the trailer here].

 Multiple characters

This one seems like a no-brainer; because the mechanic was so well received in GTA 5 and because the RDR 2 trailer showed the main character is part of a gang. It would be great to be able to switch between different members of the gang, and each one should have a special ability. For instance, one character could have the Dead Eye power from the first game, while another one could have a new ability altogether.


Heists, as they were in GTA 5 could be applied wonderfully to RDR 2. Like a stagecoach or a bank robbery; the player would have to plan every part of the operation and then execute it in a fantastic action sequence. This, again, lends itself wonderfully to a game about being part of a gang – every member would have a specific role to play, which the player decides.

Big Variety in the Map

This is something that can absolutely be done, even if the game takes place in the wild west. GTA 5 had the most varied vistas of any Rockstar game to date – you could go to a city, a town, the hills, the desert, the mountains, and so on. Red Dead Redemption 2 could take advantage of the improved technology to do something similar. Even if it’s the wild west, you could have forests, mountains, cities, and towns. The first Red Dead Redemption attempted to include variety but it was limited – we feel the sequel with the power of today’s consoles could make a truly varied, living-breathing world.