5 Surprising Machine Learning Applications

5 Surprising Machine Learning Applications

Machine learning, once a foreign concept, has now become widely used in all industries across the globe. It has paved the way for modern tools and technology that would have been impossible a few years ago. The most basic forms of application for machine learning include: video surveillance; virtual personal assistants, like Siri, Google, and Alexa; image recognition; language translation; banking domain; and transportation (GPS). New uses of artificial intelligence and robots are being developed every day, and some of them are unique.

Below are some surprising applications of machine learning:

1.     Making music

Music is now being made with the findings that artificial intelligence (AI) has obtained from big data. It sounds impossible, but machine learning has enabled searching through newspapers, conversations, lectures, and basically any source of reliable information based on the main theme of a song. A recent hit song, “Not Easy,” made it to number four on iTunes, and the sound was made by artificial intelligence.

2.     Self-driving cars

The thought of a car driving without a driver is still a new concept to many people. There is wide-scale adoption of self-driven cars in the world as we know it. Deep learning algorithms, which become more intelligent over time, are being used to make these cars. The cars are programmed to distinguish various types of objects, pedestrians, and road signs. Tesla was one of the first brands to launch self-driving vehicles, and now Volvo, Cadillac, and Audi are developing their own models, too. These cars have revolutionized the automobile industry and are setting technological standards for other industries to follow.

3.     Retail management systems

The retail sector has constantly generated stable sales every year. This is possible due to knowledge of consumer behavior, trends, demographics, risks, and viable opportunities. Machine learning has been implemented in the retail sector to make predictions, make sales, and recommend other products to their consumers based on their previous purchases. If you are a retailer looking to hire machine learning engineers who can build systems to carry out the above functions for your business, then look no further than Active Wizards Specialists.

4.     Sports

The most famous soccer clubs and societies are now using machine learning in a range of ways, including to predict the outcome of a game, build new strategies, analyze players, and create training schedules suitable for each player. This technology is changing the way people watch and play sports. Artificial intelligence is also being used to enhance fan engagement and provide platforms for learning other games, especially basketball.

5.     News anchoring

Artificial intelligence has changed the journalism industry once again. China recently revealed the world’s first AI news anchor. The anchor has the ability to read texts and simulate the voice and gestures of an actual news anchor. This is said to have many benefits, including accuracy and being able to avail news throughout the day.


Machine learning is gaining popularity and its application is inevitable, especially with the advancement of technology. The most unique applications are coming up, from making music to self-driving cars, creating perfumes and also predicting potential heart failure. Artificial intelligence has the power to change the world to a better place where businesses can thrive and human minds are exposed to advanced knowledge.