6 Online Adventure Games Everyone Needs to Try

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Games bring fun and good times to the table no matter what time of the year it is. However, with COVID still on the prowl, most of us are stuck indoors with little to do, leaving us wishing for two things: our awesome buds and an epic journey.Luckily, games come through once again in the form of online adventure games. Now, you can meet up with your friends in the virtual space and go exploring for hours, just like old times. That said, you want a list of the most popular open world games currently available that are truly worth your attention – and we have a good list for you.

Keep reading to find out which adventure games you need to be playing online right now. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed!


What better way to start off the list than with an adventure game called Journey? This online game continues to rank high on the list of adventure games, and it’s not hard to see why. In this game, you play an unnamed character who’s going on a cultural quest – but you don’t go it alone. As you journey, you will team up with various players online to solve the in-game puzzles and traverse the ancient lands.

This game lacks any sort of fighting mechanics, forcing the player to rely on their ingenuity and their partners to get through each challenge – a great choice for those who care more about using brains than brawn. Top it off with the absolutely stunning visuals, and you’ll find yourself playing this incredible masterpiece again and again. 

Paradise Killer

Not all open world games have to depict a dude with a sword for it to rank high on a list, and Paradise Killer shows that to be a fact with its addition to the murder-mystery genre. This PC game begins with you playing as the “investigation freak” Lady Love Dies, who discovers that someone named Paradise has been murdered and needs to figure out who’s the culprit.

Paradise Killer will have you going on a first-person adventure all across the sprawling cityscape as you search out its various inhabitants to piece together the murder and find out who killed Paradise. if mystery games are your forte, you don’t want to pass this one up.

Genshin Impact

If you haven’t heard about Genshin Impact by now, do yourself a favor and download it right now. This online mobile game will have you glued to your phone non-stop and for plenty of reasons.

In the game, you play as an adventurer looking to reunite with your long-lost sibling. Along the way, you interact with a ton of colorful cast of characters who you help as you travel, and many of those who you help will actually join your party as you fight to save the innocent, unlock hidden mysteries, and chart the known (and unknown) world.

Genshin Impact is free to download, and although there are some microtransactions available, the game offers more than enough goodies that you can collect, craft, and buy with in-game currency, so you’re sure to have a great time no matter what you set out to do.


Terraria is a sandbox adventure that we can all get behind. With so many games pushing the power of 3D software to the max, it’s good to take a couple of steps back and rewind to simpler times.

That being said, Terraria is anything but a simple game. In this intense game, you get to build the world and you make up the rules. Throughout your gaming experience, you’ll be able to fight various creatures, build empires, and explore every corner of the universe that this incredible title has to offer to become the mightiest in the land – if you can live to tell the tale.

Since there’s a pretty steep learning curve to the game, you’re going to prep yourself with a few Terraria tips before you get started. You’ll be acing the game before you know it!

The Kindom of Loathing

So we’re going to be honest with you: this game didn’t make our list based on graphics alone. Where it did grab our attention is the epic title followed by its even more epic gameplay. This free, totally online game brings a lot to the table that other games have yet to offer, making it worth your while to check out.

In The Kingdom of Loathing, you play as a stick figure in the world of 2-dimensional doodles. Similar to classic role-playing adventure games like World of Warcraft (another great online adventure game you should try), you get to choose from a variety of classes to base your character on before you head off in search of adventure.

The wittiness, humor, and creativity of this game have kept it going strong since 2003, and with it being an MMO, you can invite your friends to have a crazy time together.

Sam & Max Episode 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die!

Everyone – and we mean everyone – who is an adventure gamer has played (or at least heard of) the Sam & Max franchise. This anthropomorphic dog and bunny duo bring a healthy dose of both adventure and humor, and their fourth installment is shaping up to be one of their best yet.

In this game, Sam and Max discover that the president is acting rather strange, and upon their investigation, they realize that some nefarious schemes are underway. It’s up to the duo to get to the bottom of the growing evil plot and save the president’s sanity – and bring an end to those annoying federally-mandated group hugs.

If this sounds interesting, you’ll be excited to know that the fourth installment is available for a free download, so give it a spin and enjoy the cahoots!

Start Playing Some Online Adventure Games Today

You have a long list of online adventure games at your fingertips; all that’s left to do now is to log in and play on. When you get the chance, make sure to browse through the rest of our site to learn about more tips and tricks that can help you level up no matter the occasion. We’re sure you’re gonna love what we have here!