7 Apps for Mental Health That Are Way Cheaper Than Therapy

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Did you know that nearly one in five American adults lives with a mental illness?

Mental health is becoming less and less stigmatized, which is great for those seeking help. However, it can still be very expensive to treat mental illnesses like anxiety and depression.

Luckily, if therapy isn’t a financially viable option, there are lots of great apps that can work as substitutes in the meantime!

Keep reading below to learn about 7 of the best apps for mental health improvement!

1. MoodSpace

MoodSpace is a visually stunning mental health app that uses a variety of therapeutic techniques to help users manage and improve their mental health.

MoodSpace has a thought diary to help evaluate stressful situations and manage consequential feelings. It also features guided meditations and a day planner!

2. AI-Driven Apps for Mental Health: Youper

Youper is a unique app that acts almost like a virtual therapist. The main draw of Youper is the AI chatbot, that will engage you in therapy-like conversation.

These conversations are recorded in a journal format, so you can review them in the future. It also features a mood tracker, as well as suggestions for personalized meditations.

3. Shine

Shine is a great app to use to ease anxiety. Shine gives you access to an audio library with 800+ meditations, bedtime stories, and calming sounds to aid with sleep or relaxation.

Shine also provides you with a new self-care strategy daily, along with motivating and affirming messages!

4. Recovery Path

If you are searching for recovery apps to improve your mental health, Recovery Path is a worthwhile starting point. It allows you to connect with your support team, whether that’s friends, physicians, or family.

It also prompts users with a morning and evening check-in! The app pushes positive reinforcement as a recovery tool, as well as giving users the chance to search for nearby recovery meetings in their area.

5. Moodpath

Moodpath is one of the best apps for mental health if you’re searching for a cohesive assessment. Moodpath, as its name suggests, tracks your mood each day. It then provides you with a mental health review biweekly.

Moodpath also gives users access to a library full of exercises to deal with stress, practice mindfulness, improve sleep quality, and more!

6. Apps With a Sleek UI: What’s Up?

What’s Up? uses CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and ACT (Acceptance Commitment Therapy) methods to help users cope and address mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

You can rate your moods with a simple 1-10 scale, as well as track your positive and negative habits. It also has a catastrophe scale, which aims to help users keep things in perspective!

7. InnerHour

InnerHour is a great app if there are several areas you’d like to improve upon. The app identifies your biggest needs and creates a personalized 4-week plan to assist you in improving your mental health.

InnerHour helps you set and track goals, practice self-care, and record your moods each day in a digital journal!

Taking the First Step

It can be difficult to take care of ourselves, but in our digital world, it’s easier than ever before! The apps for mental health in the list above will help you begin your journey towards mental health improvement without breaking the bank!

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