Alienware Co-founder says “PC Has Won”

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According to Frank Azor, the vice president and co-founder of Alienware, Consoles are more like PCs than ever before, a statement which shows that PC has won. Azor during PAX Australia 2016 sat down with Gamespot and talked about the PC and console market and that how Alienware has affected the position of consoles over the past year. He said new and new consoles are being released on more frequent basis take an example of the Sony who enhanced their console and made PlayStation 4 Pro and Microsoft is doing the same by enhancing the Xbox and making it Xbox Scorpio. Which shows that consoles are becoming more like PC to keep up with the innovation in tech, hardware in gaming industry.

Azor told Gamespot.

“The console market and the PC market have converged in ways that we’ve never really seen before. Consoles look more like PCs, and PCs are starting to look more like consoles”,