Amazon Music Unlimited Launches in the UK

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Amazon Music Unlimited launched in October this year in US. Today the streaming service, a rival to Apple Music, Spotify, etc., launched in the UK, Austria and Germany.

You can make Echo play any music you want from Amazon Music Unlimited by just giving a voice command. Just say “Hey Alexa, play Adele”, and there you go. Interestingly, even if you just sing a few lines of the song you wish to listen, Echo can play the music. Music Unlimited works best with Echo speaker, as per Amazon. So it has brought special offer for Amazon Echo users.

If you subscribe to Music Unlimited, it will cost you £9.99 per month (or £7.99 per month for existing user). But Amazon has brought a special offer with its UK launch. If you own Amazon Echo, then your Music Unlimited subscription price will get reduced to just £3.99 per month. So it’s a great deal at a good price to access Amazon’s Music Unlimited’s library of more than 40 million songs.