ARMS Guide: How To Change Colors

ARMS Change Colors

In Arms game, four players select a fighter and battle using a vast variety of extendable arms to knock out opponents in a 3D arena. The game is developed Nintendo. It is released for Nintendo Switch in June 2017. Players can perform four fighting functions in the game. These functions are: attacking, throwing, blocking, dodging with their respective fighters. This guide talks about how to change colors in ARMS.

Sometimes, the default character color gets too boring to look at. Luckily, you do have an option to change this color and this guide will show how to do so.

ARMS How To Change Colors Guide

  • Open the character select screen.
  • You need to press and hold inward the Left Analog Stick before you choose the character.
  • Then move in any direction.
  • Lock into your choice by pressing A and you will see the color change.

Here is a list of the characters and colors.

Byte & Barq

Character Byte & Barq
Up Blue
Right Green
Left Orange
Down White


Character Helix
Up Green
Right Purple
Left Blue
Down Orange

Kid Cobra

Character Kid Cobra
Up White/Purple
Right Yellow/Blue
Left Pink/Green
Down White

Master Mummy

Character Master Mummy
Up Purple
Right Red
Left Black
Down Green

Min Min

Character Min Min
Up Green/Orange
Right Purple/Blue
Left Black/Yellow
Down Red/White


Character Mechanica
Up Yellow
Right Pink
Left Metallic Blue
Down Camouflage


Character Ninjara
Up Green
Right Red
Left Pink
Down Orange

Spring Man

Character Spring Man
Up Red/Blue
Right Black/Red
Left Blue/Green
Down Alt Blue/Green

Ribbon Girl

Character Ribbon Girl
Up Pink/Blue
Right Red/Green
Left Black
Down Green/Pink


Character Twintelle
Up White/Black
Right Red/White
Left Green/Black
Down Pink/Blue

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