ARMS Money Farming; How to Earn Money Fast

ARMS Money Farming; How to Earn Money Fast

ARMS is Nintendo’s fighting game. It is developed and published for the Nintendo Switch. ARMS released this year in June. Max of four players can select a fighter in the game and battle using a vast variety of extendable arms. The fighters knock out opponents in a 3D arena, thus making it different from other conventional fighting games. Four fighting functions can be performed by the players with their fighters. The fighting functions are attacking, throwing, blocking and dodging. Here we will find out about ARMS Money Farming or how to earn money fast in ARMS.

You need to have a decent amount of money in the game to be able to unlock all 270 Arms. This guide will show how to farm for money in the game.

ARMS Money Farming; How to Earn Money Fast

Try Party matches to farm for easy money. Try to go for a winning streak in Party matches to get a HP handicap which rewards you with additional bonuses. Since your HP becomes low and low as your winning streak increases, you need to have a good amount of skill to keep on winning with such low health. But the rewards are great too.

Beginners should refrain from Party matches and try Grand Prix mode. You earn 30 by completing Level 1 difficulty. A higher difficulty level rewards you with more money. And this is also a good place to improve your skills in this game.

There are three options in Arms Getter.

  • 30-point Arms Getter gives 25 seconds and +5 seconds clock time
  • 100-point one gives 50 seconds and +5 seconds clock time
  • 300-one gives 90 seconds and +10 seconds clock time.

Go with the 30-point one if you are new to the game. The 100-point one is not a good deal as after spending an exorbitant 100 points, you will only get 6-7 arms at max. For the 300-point one, you can get 25 Arms if you are good enough but only 10-15 Arms if you are a rookie. So, it is recommended to stick to the 30-point one till you feel very confident in the game.

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