ARMS Guide: Grand Prix Mode Boss Fights

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Arms is a fighting game developed Nintendo. The game is available for Nintendo Switch. It released worldwide on June 2017. Four players can get together and select a fighter and fight against each other. The players knock out each other in a 3D arena. Four basic fighting functions can be performed: attacking, throwing, blocking and dodging. ARMS Guide: Grand Prix Mode Boss Fights

There are two boss fights in the Grand Prix Mode. One is against Max Brass and other is against Hedlock. These fights can be tough if you don’t know the correct approach. This guide will show how to beat these bosses in the game.

ARMS Grand Prix Mode Boss Fights


He is basically a combination of the regular enemies Master Mummy and Spring Man. When he charges up, he gains super armor so make sure your arms are charged as well.

Let him attack first, dodge and then counterattack. Now in case the boss is equipped with hammer then you have to dodge in that direction. If he has Fist in one arm, keep your distance and use your fastest arm to attack his Fist arm.


He has the same abilities and arms as Max Brass. Stay as far as you can and keep punching till your Rush meter is filled. You have to be patient and wait for Hedlock to attack. Dodge this attack and unleash your rush attack. If Hedlock is charged up and using the Fist, stay as far back as possible and dodge his attacks.

There is an extra explosion attack in the end so forget about attacking him. Just make sure to avoid his attacks. Basically, you must wait for his attacks, dodge them and then hit him.

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