ARMS Guide: How To Play Hoops Mini-Game

ARMS Play Hoops Mini Game

Arms released on June 16, 2017 for Nintendo Switch. This fighting game is developed and published by Nintendo. The game can be played together by four players. Each choose a fighter and then fight and try to knock out each other. The fight takes place in a 3D arena. While playing, players can attack, throw, block and dodge with the fighters. Here we will see how to play hoops mini-game in ARMS.

There are many mini-games in Arms. One of them is Hoops. This guide will show how to play this mini-game.

ARMS How To Play Hoops Mini-Game Guide

There are two ways to score in this mini-game.

First Way

  • First thing to do is to grab your opponent with a throw.
  • Following the grab, your character will automatically attempt to score a basket.
  • In case you are near to the hoop, you will go 2-point shot or for a dunk.
  • If you are away, you will go for a 3-pointer.
  • There is no guarantee in scoring but being closer to the hoops ensures a greater chance of scoring.

Second Way

  • In this option, you do a rush attack on your opponent.
  • The final hit of this attack will knock the opponent to the bouncy sidelines of the court and towards the hoop.
  • This attack will ensure the best chance of scoring.

Now, here are a few tips on how to play this mini-game like a pro. Most players will spam the grab button. When you see an opponent do that, dodge and perform a grab of your own. You can also punch your opponents and slowly fill the super meter. Once your super meter is filled, wait for your opponent to attack you. Dodge it and do a rush attack. The main thing to remember is to always fill up your super meter as quickly as possible as rush attacks almost guarantee a basket.

Also, go for light or medium weight arms here which allow you to quickly dodge and counter your opponent’s attacks.

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