ARMS Skillshot Mini-Game Guide

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Arms is a fighting game developed Nintendo. The game is available for Nintendo Switch. It released worldwide on June 2017. Up to four players can choose a fighter in the game and battle using a vast variety of extendable arms to knock out opponents in a three-dimensional arena, thus setting it apart from conventional fighting games. Players can perform four basic fighting functions of attacking, throwing, blocking and dodging with their respective fighters. This guide talks about ARMS skillshot mini-game.

This mini-game is similar to the Arms Getter mini-game and this mini-game is found in Party Mode or Grand Prix Mode. This guide will show how to perform well in this mini-game.

ARMS Skillshot Mini-Game Guide

You need to know that hitting multiple targets with a single shot increases your points. You can also use a single shot for a single target but it’s always better to go for combos to increase your points by a good margin. You can also hit your opponents to disrupt their rhythm of hitting their targets. Your opponent can do the same so avoid your opponent’s attacks as well.

  • Curved Arms are not good for hitting multiple targets with a single shot. Use something like the Triblast or the Tribolt.
  • Also, charge your arm. This charged arm can be used to hit your opponents, stunning them for a short duration during which time they will be unable to hit their targets. You can also use Fire, Wind, etc. element arms for the same effect. And like always, your opponents can do the same to you so be careful.

Also, prepare in advance. A target will not immediately jump on your screen. Watch it carefully. It will rise up slowly. Now aim and hit your targets. This game requires practice so don’t get depressed if you don’t score good on your first attempt. Keep trying and practising.