Assassin’s Creed Origins Guide: How To Get Mounts

Assassin's Creed Origins

Here are talking about Assassin’s Creed Origins how to get Mounts. A quick way to travel around in the game is on mounts. Jump on a camel or a horse to traverse ancient Egypt much quicker. Different mounts have different stats and abilities and it is recommended to collect them all. This guide will show how to get these mounts in the game.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Guide: How To Get Mounts

You can buy mounts from vendors. You can also earn mounts by confronting your opponents in Hippodromes. By spending Drachmas coins, you can get these mounts. As a part of the quest, you can get a horse by rescuing it from a burning village.

You can also steal horses and chariots from NPCs. It works pretty much the same way you jack cars in the GTA series. When you complete the side quest named Wild Ride at level 12, you get your first horse named Black Arrow.

Unicorns are also available as mounts. It costs you 500 Helix Credits which is the currency you purchase with real money. It costs around 5$. You can also get a sand dweller as a mount for the same price.

And here is a list of all the mounts in Assassin’s Creed Origins and how to get them.

Name Type How to get
Morning Mist Horse Horse Whispering quest reward
Black Arrow Horse Wild Ride quest reward
Inspiration Camel When Night Falls quest reward
Basus Camel Striking Back quest reward
Pharao’s Horse Horse Win all tournaments at Hippodrome
Roman Warhorse Horse Win all elite tournaments at Hippodrome
Scout Chariot Chariot Buy from stable
War Chariot Chariot Buy from stable
Royal Chariot Chariot Buy from stable
Eternal Glory Horse Buy from stable
Annapolis Horse Buy from stable
Kku Horse Buy from stable
Rusty Horse Buy from stable
Menes Horse Buy from stable
Thunder Horse Buy from stable
Stranger Horse Buy from stable
Guardian Camel Buy from stable
The False Camel Horse Buy from stable
Bone Cracker Camel Buy from stable
Kaa Horse Buy from stable
Soft Breeze Horse Buy from stable
True Friend Horse Buy from stable
Pataikos Herti Camel Buy from stable
Aa Nekhtou Horse Buy from stable
Egyptian Mare Horse Buy from stable
Fidget Camel Buy from stable
Meri Amun Horse Buy from stable
Majesty Camel Buy from stable
Blazing Glory Horse Buy from stable
Khamsin Camel Buy from stable
Meri Heka Camel Buy from stable
Desert’s Pilgrim Camel Buy from stable
Wanderer Camel Buy from stable
Unicorn Horse Buy from Ubi store using Helix Credits
Sand-Dweller Camel Buy from Ubi store using Helix Credits

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