Assassin’s Creed Origins Guide: Starting Abilities, Skills And Builds Guide

Assassin's Creed Origins

Assassin’s Creed Origins abilities, skills and builds guide is going to provide a quick look at all that you need to combat skills, abilities and more. This game is unique in the way that it gives players plenty of freedom to build your character. You can be a specialist in melee combat, stealth, range combat, explosives or even a combination of them. Investing ability points on proper skills to match your gameplay style is crucial and this guide will show where and how to invest these points in the game.

Assassin’s Creed Origins Starting Abilities, Skills And Builds Guide

Warrior, Hunter and Seer are the three main branches of the skill tree. Warriors are proficient with melee combat, adrenaline management and overpower attacks. Hunters are ranged warriors being proficient with bow and arrows as well as stealthy. Seers are the explosive guys using mainly tools like bombs and darts and other skills.


If you are more of a old-fashioned combat fan, you should invest your points in overpower attacks in this branch. But even ranged guys need a few skills from this branch as bow and arrows dont always cut it. The Adrenaline ability lets you start a fight with full adrenaline bar and can be very useful against tough enemies.


The Eagle Tagging skill lets you tag enemies and points of interest when scouting with Senu. Any class will find this useful. Invest into Assassination XP to get more XP for stealth kills. It can be upgraded with Stealth Kill Streak which gives more XP for successive stealth kills.


Main skill here is the Sleep Darts. They stun enemies when thrown and lets you get an instant kill on them. Combine this with the Stealth Kill Streak and you can get plenty of stealth kills easily for easy XP. Another useful skill is the Smoke Screen which has you throwing a smoke bomb to stun enemies and break the line of sight. Should you find yourself outnumbered or surrounded, this is a great skill to make your escape.


Get the Salesman skill which gives you 25% better prices when selling trinkets and animal parts. Buy Materials skill is also useful as it lets you buy crafting materials from shops instead of just getting them as drops.

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