Back 4 Blood Revives the Spirit of Left 4 Dead, Latest DLC and more

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Back 4 Blood is a survival shooter, inheriting the spirit of the classic Left 4 Dead series more than a decade ago as of the time of writing. Notably, the Turtle Rock Studios team is also a collection of many core members who participated in the development of the previous two Left 4 Dead games. That’s why you should not be surprised by the familiar experience between the two games. But the game has a lot of differences in the construction of gameplay mechanics, bringing much sense as action shooter World War Z.

Back 4 Blood Gameplay

Basically, the gameplay of Back 4 Blood is still similar to the previous Left 4 Dead. Even saying this is the second sequel of the above series or Left 4 Dead 3 is not wrong. From the graphic style to the basic gameplay, all are very familiar if you have ever experienced any Left 4 Dead game.

The Campaign experience is still a party of 4 characters. They fight zombies and trying to reach the Safe Rooms in a large scenario. The game mode is divided into Acts with specific storylines. Each Act consists of many levels with certain tasks.

Compared to Left 4 Dead, the most noticeable difference is that each character not only changes in shape as before but also possesses certain perks. Not to mention, you can customize your character’s attack, defense, and support stats through Back 4 Blood’s signature card system.

These cards have randomly generated before each level based on the set of cards that the player pre-set. You are rewarded with additional cards every time you complete a game level with supports ranging from increasing your character’s fighting ability and health to supporting teammates.

Back 4 Blood DLC

All of your party members Back 4 Blood will be able to play any DLC if even one of them has them. The confirmation comes directly from the official game blog. It is mentions that if a party leader owns one of the paid DLC, all of his companions will get a chance to play the content. It includes maps, game elements, and any campaigns.
Upcoming and available Back 4 Blood DLC:

Upcoming Back 4 Blood downloadable content:

  • Characters
  • Story
  • Enemies

In-game digital items

  • Ultimate emblem
  • Seasoned title
  • Ultimate foreground spray
  • Ultimate Banner

Character Skin Pack

  • Mom skin
  • Walker skin
  • Evangelo skin
  • Holly skin

Fort Hope Elite Weapons Skin Pack

  • UZI skin
  • M4 rifle skin
  • 870 Skin Express
  • RPK skin

Return of 4 Blood is a zombie-themed cooperative first-person shooter. It aims to be the spiritual successor of Left 4 Dead. It will follow a good part of its structure and mechanics. At E3, in addition to confirming the presence of a PvP mode called “The Swarm”. It has also announced that the game will be available on Xbox Game Pass. The availability will be from its launch date, which is set for October 12.


All in all, Back 4 Blood offers a decent survival action experience. But Open Beta hasn’t exploited this yet. The game has many shortcomings in the construction of gameplay mechanics, no difference compared to many other co-op shooters on the market. Harmful AI, boring melee combat, difficulty setting that feels like cheating instead of challenges is problems that cause a lot of inhibitions and not only that. If the developer doesn’t have a few trump cards when it’s officially released, this is actually not a very good start for the game.

Back 4 Blood is scheduled to release on October 12, 2021, for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.