Bandai-Namco Announces Online Tournament Mode For Tekken 7

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Tekken 7 will feature an online tournament mode for the home console version of the game, as announced by Bandai-Namco. Plus the online tournament feature will not just be only controlled by Bandai Namco alone itself. Players can create their own tournaments with different rules and format and can give out prizes to the winner and runner up. Keeping in mind the way Bandai Namco is releasing gameplay trailers for the game and giving out information about Tekken 7, it seems the game is not much far away to be released.

The online tournament mode will allow organizers to decide for how much loses a player gets eliminated plus the organizers can giveaway prizes to the winner in the form of game currency and items. Aside from that this mode will also feature a spectator mode and in game voice chat plus a lot of other features. Apparently there are no words on the release date of Tekken 7 but it’s expected to release somewhat next year.