Battleborn Guide: Factions Goals and Members

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There are a total of five different factions in the game Battleborn and all these factions have a different approach but a common goal and that is to take down the Evil Varelsi. This Battleborn Factions Goals and Members guide shows the different factions, their goals and their members.

Battleborn Factions Goals and Members

The names of the five factions are – The Eldrid, The Jennerit Imperium, The Last Light Consortium, United Peacekeeping Republics and The Rogues. They have their differences and the player must attempt to bring them all on the same page to take down Varelsi.

The Eldrid

Battleborn Factions Goals and Members

Known as the protectors of The Cosmological Order, this faction is very old and has been observing the universe since a long time. Being a peaceful action, they look to avoid wars and recruit anyone who wishes to help their cause.

  • Goal – Want to maintain Peace within the Universe
  • Eldrid Members:
    • Alani
    • Boldur
    • Kelvin
    • Mellka
    • Miko
    • Thorn

The Jennerit Imperium

Battleborn Factions Goals and Members

They are from the Planet of Tempist known as the Jennerit Empire. The power of its members is held by the Elite Class as the Sustained who are immortal.

  • Goal – Remain the Strongest Military Forces(Elite) in Solus
  • Jennerit Members:
    • Ambra
    • Attikus
    • Caldarius
    • Deande
    • Rath

Last Light Consortium

Battleborn Factions Goals and Members

A collection of the Cybernetic, this faction owns the Minions Robots and the Largest Manufacturer in Battleborn. Their main goal is just to make profit by producing and selling weapons to other factions.

  • Goal – War Profiteers, mostly Look out to make more Money off the War.
  • Consortium Members:
    • El Dragon
    • ISIC
    • Kleese
    • Marquis
    • Phoebe

The United Peacekeeping Republic

Battleborn Factions Goals and Members

They are sworn to protect the Solus from the invaders and they are mostly known as Peacekeepers. They heavily rely on weapons.

  • Goal – Born To Protect the Solus
  • Peacekeeper Members:
    • Benedict
    • Galilea
    • Montana
    • Oscar Mike
    • Trevor Ghalt

The Rogues


They are not an official faction as they dont have any official command or work that they do. A mixture of pirates, smugglers and salvagers, they live their life as they deem fit.

  • Goal – Survive at Solus
  • Rogue Members:
    • Orendi
    • Reyna
    • Shayne & Aurox
    • Toby
    • Whiskey Foxtrot

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