Battleborn Guide: How to use SHiFT Codes

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Battleborn is out worldwide on 3 May, 2016. It is an online first-person shooter game. Gearbox Software is the developer behind Battleborn. 2K Games published the game for PS4, PC and Xbox One. In this guide, we will look into Battleborn – how to use SHiFT codes.

Battleborn has multiplayer online battle arenas (MOBA) elements. You can select one of many pre-designed characters. These characters have varied skills. Battleborn has single player, cooperative matches or competitive matches.

There are a lot of in-game rewards in Battleborn which can be obtained by completing missions, progressing in the game or by using Shift Codes. These codes are promotional codes released by Gearbox Software available to players with a Shift account. This article about how to use SHiFT Codes guide shows how to use these codes in the game.

How to use SHiFT Codes in Battleborn

  1. Start the Game
  2. Select Extras from the Main Menu
  3. Select Shift and Login to your Account
    • Note: If you do not have Shift Account then get one from Shift-Page.
  4. Enter The Code and Select ‘Redeem’

The code is now active. That’s all from Battleborn SHiFT Codes guide. Check out Battleborn guide – unlocking legendary gear items for every character.