Battleborn Guide: How to unlock and use Taunts

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It’s fun to provoke the opponent in Battleborn’s if the player is on the winning side by using taunts. These taunts are available but some taunts are unlocked as the player progresses in the game and can be used only then. This How to unlock and use Taunts guide shows the unlocking criteria of taunts for every character in the game.

How to Unlock and Use Taunts for Every Character

The default control to use taunt is the right button on the D-Pad but if the opponent attacks before the taunt animation is finished, the taunt will fail. So, careful timing of the taunt is crucial too.

Ambra Taunts

  • Walk Not Unlike An Egyptian – Unlock By Default
  • Solar Guard – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Off With Their Heads – Deal with 60000 damage with Extinction Event(Complete Lore Challenge ‘I Command The Very Stars’)

Attikus Taunts

  • Battlecry – Unlock By Default
  • Ground Pounder – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Crusher – Knock Up Three Enemies Simultaneously 25 Times(Complete Lore Challenge ‘Rise of the Thrall’)

Benedict Taunts

  • The Dance, I – Unlock By Default
  • Regurgirocket – Requires Character Rank 15
  • The Dance, II – Get 100 Kills with Boomsday(Complete Lore Challenge ‘The Bird’s Last Word’)

Boldur Taunts

  • Rear Guard – Unlock By Default
  • Oath of the Woodsworn – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Boldur B.O. – Self-heal 10000 damage with Ekkuni Greatshield while energized by Runes of Power(Complete Lore Challenge ‘The Runes that best Reflect My Mood’)

Caldarius Taunts

  • The Shock Trooper – Unlock By Default
  • Pushover – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Applause – Kill 150 Enemies with Energy Blade while on a team with Rath(Complete Lore Challenge ‘Three-To-One Contact’)

Deande Taunts

  • High Spymistress – Unlock By Default
  • The List – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Let’s Rumba – Play 5 matches on the same team as Ambra(Complete Lore Challenge ‘The Seed of Secret Orders’)

El Dragon Taunts

  • Three Count – Unlock By Default
  • Respect The Belt – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Undefeated – Land the Killing Blow on ISIC in The Algorithm(Complete Lore Challenge ‘The Rise of the Dragon’)

Galilea Taunts

  • Our Victory Is Complete – Unlock By Default
  • Merciless – Requires Character Rank 15
  • The Beast Inside – Kill 100 Jennerit enemies while Galilea is corrupted(Complete Lore Challenge ‘No Redemption’)

Ghalt Taunts

  • Man of Action – Unlock By Default
  • Active Reload – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Shellshock – Play 5 Matches with Deande, Mellka or Kleese on you Team(Complete Lore Challenge ‘First Round Draft Picks’)

ISIC Taunts

  • Victorious Pose! – Unlock By Default
  • All Shock Up – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Come At Me, Bro! – Kill 250 Minions with Plasma Dash(Complete Lore Challenge ‘Mining Exploration Report’)

Kelvin Taunts

  • Grab ‘N’ Go – Unlock By Default
  • Guffaw of The Gigas – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Heart of Ice – Stun 3 Enemy BattleBorn with Sublimate Simultaneously 25 times(Complete Lore Challenge ‘Micro Macro Mist Me’)

Kleese Taunts

  • My Imaginary Companion – Unlock By Default
  • Call of The Contakerous – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Fatal Farewell – Restore 50000 shield strength to allies with Energy Rift (Complete Lore Challenge ‘I Care about You. No Really’)

Marquis Taunts

  • Gentleman Sniper – Unlock By Default
  • Wunderbar – Require Character Rank 15
  • Capital Gains – Play 5 Matches on the same team as Phoebe(Complete Lore Challenge ‘Overprotective’)

Mellka Taunts

  • Rock Out – Unlock By Default
  • The Mercenary – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Take A Knee – Kill 100 Varelsi with Claw Lunge(Complete Lore Challenge ‘Punching the Darkness’)

Miko Taunts

  • Combat Botanist – Unlock By Default
  • Worthy Opponent – Requires Character Rank 15
  • The Challenge – Heal 3 Allies at Once with Fungus Among us 30 times(Complete Lore Challenge ‘Regrown Universe’)

Montana Taunts

  • The Whittler – Unlock By Default
  • Man of Action – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Inappropriate Gesture – Play 5 matches with at least one each other Peacekeeper on your team(Complete Lore Challenge ”)

Oscar Mike Taunts

  • Gimme Three – Unlock By Default
  • Limber Up – Requires Character Rank 15
  • Flexinating – Complete Lore Challenge ‘From Yer Best Bud’

Phoebe Taunts

  • Polite Society – Unlock By Default
  • The Conductor – Requires Character Rank 15
  • A Kiss For Good Luck – Deal 80000 damage with True Strike(Complete Lore Challenge ‘Dancing Lessons Pay Off’)