Battlefield 1 Guide: Maps Guide

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Battlefield 1 is a video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. It is themed on World War 1 and it is a first person shooter. Battlefield 1 is the fifteenth installment in the Battlefield game series. The game released for PS4, Xbox One and PC on 21 Oct 2016.

Battlefield 1 Maps Guide

For performing well in the matches, the player needs to have good knowledge about the maps in the game to take advantage of all the elements of the map. This Maps guide will list out them. Use the following guide and our loadouts guide smartly to perform well in the actual matches.


There are a lot of dunes in the area. Enemies will set up camps inside the small buildings so rushing to the small town will be difficult. So, take out the enemy’s camps before going into the town.


Be wary of objective point C. It is completely out in the open and a great spot for snipers to take out people from other teams. So, capture this objective from beneath the bridge it is placed on. Either rush to this location or sneak up to capture this objective.

Sinai Desert

The stone arc near objective C is a great point for snipers. The snipers’ position themselves on top of the arc and unleash hell on those below it. So, take out the arc, destroy it and the snipers will lose their advantage.

Ballroom Blitz

This has some ladders in the courtyard that lead up to the walkways. This is a great area for snipers so maintain cover.

Fao Fortress

This is the best map for snipers. All objectives are in exposed areas. Either use suppressing fire or use horses to deal with the snipers.

Empire’s Edge

There is a small island in the northeast which is accessible only by a single bridge. Snipers can do some serious damage here. So, it is recommended to reach the island via a boat and not the bridge.

Argonne Forest

Spread out and flank the tight corridors. Don’t rush here. Lock bunker doors to control the direction and flow of the enemy attacks.

Monte Grappa

Reach the control stations and lock the doors behind.

St. Quentin Scar

Point F and B is for snipers. F is hard to flank but B can be flanked easily.