Bethesda’s Fallout 76 Roadmap Sets the Path to an Exciting 2022

Fallout 76

Fallout 76’s upcoming roadmap has been announced. It includes aliens invading Appalachia, new public events and expeditions, and a travelling roadshow arriving in the area.

Invaders From Beyond will arrive in the spring, starting off new public events and unpredictable encounters. This alien threat must be fought back by you and your team.

Fallout Worlds update will also include the ability to earn SCORE, as well as the release of Season 8: A Better Life Underground in the spring.

New Public Events will be added to the game this summer. Additionally it is including Test Your Metal, which will feature arena fights against automatons. This summer will also see improvements to Fallout 1’s scoreboard progression as well as a new Season.

In Expeditions: The Pitt, you will venture beyond the Appalachian borders during the fall. You’ll travel to a post-nuclear Pittsburgh to complete new missions, interact with new NPCs, fight new foes, and earn new rewards. You can also anticipate a new season.

Nuka World on Tour will also launch a travelling roadshow this winter. You can also look forward to a new season, a region boss and public events.