Bioshock: The Collection Graphics Comparison [Official Video]

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Graphics comparisons for re-releases are a must, so it’s always extra nice when the developer themselves make them. Developer 2K released a Bioshock: The Collection graphics comparison that contrasts the remaster of the first game with the Xbox 360 original.

Watch it here:

Bioshock: The Collection includes remasters of all three main Bioshock games, as well as all their DLC (Except for the Bioshock 2 multiplayer DLC, but few people will be missing that). It releases September 13 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. All three games run at 1080p and “up to” 60 FPS (this usually means the framerate drops sometimes) on all systems.

It’s worth noting that PC owners that already own the games will be receiving updated versions for free, so there’s no need for them to buy the game as a standalone product.