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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Guide: Souvenir Machine and All Coin Combinations

Following the footsteps of the previous games, Infinite Warfare features a Zombies map called The Spaceland. The Spaceland lets the players to explore and locate various Easter Eggs, skills, traps, Pack-a-Punch Machine and much more.

This guide details all the possible Coin Combinations for the Souvenir Machine and the corresponding rewards. Let’s check them out.

Souvenir Machine and All Coin Combinations

Throughout the map, you will come across a number of Souvenir Stations. Here you can use the coins collected from killing the Zombies which unlock various Rewards. The coins come in three different colours – Red, Green and Blue. The idea is to use the right combination of coins to unlock different Rewards. Below are all the combinations confirmed to be working.

Combination: Red + Red + Blue

Boom Box
Combination: Green + Red + Red

Medusa Device
Combination: Red + Red + Red

Sentry Gun
Combination: Blue + Blue + Blue

Boom Box
Combination: Blue + Green + Green

Kindle Pop
Combination: Red + Blue + Green

Electric Trap
Combination: Blue + Blue + Green

Combination: Green + Green + Green

Sentry Turret
Combination: Green + Green + Red

Window Laser Trap
Combination: Red + Blue + Blue

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