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COD Warzone released this March 2020 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. A free-to-play battle royale game, it is part of COD Modern Warfare that released in 2019. But you won’t need to purchase it play Warzone. Here are all the details about Call of Duty Warzone perks, how many types of COD Warzone perks are there and their features. There are 3 categories of perks – Red, Blue and Yellow. There are a total of 18 perks.

COD Warzone Perks List

Call of Duty Warzone Blue perks and Features

Cold-Blooded – Thermal Optics and AI targeting system cannot detect it. But can be seen by Recon drones, although they can’t mark it. However, it does not set off High Alert warning.

Double Time – Tactical Sprint duration increased to double. Also a 30% increase in crouch movement speed.

Kill Chain – The changes of getting killstreaks in supply boxes increases.

E.O.D. – Fire and non-killstreak explosives caused damages decreases. Also it resets fuse when you pick up frag grenades.

Quick Fix –The health regeneration delay after each kill is removed and it starts instantly and doubles the rate.

Call of Duty Warzone Red perks and Features

Hardline – Killstreaks, armour plates and field upgrades kiosks prices reduce by 25%. In case of multiplayer, only your killstreaks cost 1 less kill.

High Alert – Very useful for Sniper type loadouts. Alerts you are in the sight of an enemy and your vision starts pulsating and it’s a single to escape from the enemy’s sight. In multiplayer mode, chopper gunners controlled by enemies, IAVs, wheelsons and APCs activates the pulsating.

Ghost – Invisible to UAVs, Heartbeat Sensor and Radar Drones. But visible to Advanced UAV, although direction is removed. It can be also detected on killstreak radar when a weapon is fired.

Overkill – Gets you equipped with two, fully geared-up different primary weapons.

Pointman – This is for all as with this perk every team member gets to earn more money from completed missions. In the multiplayer mode, this perk coverts the killstreaks into scorestreaks.

Restock – Equipment recharge in 50 seconds. Stim, decoy grenades recharge in half time and Throwing knives recharges one extra knife.

Call of Duty Warzone Yellow perks and Features

Amped – Increases the speed to weapon swap (except swap between knife and pistol) and rocket launcher reload.

Battle Hardened – Enemy flash, EMP, stun and gas effects, all of their strength reduces.

Spotter – Lets you see through wall and mark the enemy equipment, field upgrades and killstreak. Only exception is the Advanced UAVs. However, UAVs cannot mark it.

Tune Up – Field upgrades charge time sees a 40% decrease and revive time decreases by 25%.

Shrapnel – Lets you have an extra piece of lethal equipment and it delays enemy health regeneration by 3 sec by causing explosive damage.


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