Call of Duty Warzone Weapons List Guide

COD Warzone

Call of Duty Warzone is a free-to-play game released in March 2020. In the COD guide, we will see the complete Call of Duty Warzone weapons list and their features. The weapons are categorized into two – Primary and Secondary.

COD Warfare Primary Weapons List

The primary weapons include Assault Rifles, Shotguns, SMGs, LMGs, Sniper Rifles, Marskman Rifles and Melee.

Assault Rifles

AK-47 — Automatic assault rifle chambered in 7.62mm Soviet.
CR-56 AMAX – Fully automatic assault rifle, it is lightweight and compact. Has 6 stock options. 
FAL — Semi-automatic, high rate of fire for quick continuous shots.
FN Scar 17 — Fully automatic, large caliber, good for long ranges.
FR 5.56 — 3 round burst bullpup rifle. Good for medium ranges. 
Grau 5.56 — Lightweight and easy to use, good for long ranges.
Kilo 141 — Fully automatic, easy to operate design, good fire rate. 
M13 — Automatic, high fire rate and low recoil. 
M4A1 — Fully automatic, good for long range 
Oden — Fully automatic bullpup rifle, has a slow cycle rate. 
RAM-7 — Fully automatic bullpup, rifle, compact, good for closed area fights.  


AUG — Fully automatic, good for close range engagements, modular.
FENNEC – Submachine gun, fast, good for short range.
MP5 — Fully automatic submachine gun, stable, powerful, 9mm.
MP7 — Fully automatic, compact, high fire rate and low recoil.
P90 — Automatic, bullpup submachine gun, 5.7 x 28mm ammunition, good velocity.
PP19 Bizon — Automatic submachine gun, stable, high capacity helical magazine.
Striker 45 — Fully automatic, hard hitting submachine gun, good for long ranges, moderate fire rate.
Uzi — Fully automatic, steady open bolt submachine gun.


725 — Break action shotgun, good for long ranges, 2 round capacity.
Model 680 — Well-rounded, effective, 12 gauge pump-action shotgun.
Origin 12 Shotgun — Semi-automatic, good for rapid firing, large ammo capacity, good for close ranges.
R9-0 Shotgun — Double barrels shotgun, two rapid shots, then re-chamber.
VLK Rogue — Easy to operate, 12-gauge mag fed shotgun, range adjustable.


Bruen Mk9 — Excellent for long ranges, air-cooled, lightweight open bolt machine gun, slow rate of fire.
Holger-26 — Fully automatic, lightweight, compact machine gun, useful in many different combats.
M92 — Good for long ranges, lightweight, good stability.
MG34 — Fully automatic, reliable, 7.92 Mauser ammunition, high rate of fire.
PKM — Fully automatic, good fire rate, light, 7.62mm.
SA87 — Fully automatic, bullpup light, good for long ranges, low fire rate, 5.56mm ammunition.

Marksman Rifles

Crossbow — Silent and extremely lethal, can take down enemy in single shot, can be customized and use different ammunition types.
EBR-14 — Semi-automatic, high fire rate, good for long range combats.
Kar98K — Extremely lethal, bolt action rifle, 7.92 Mauser ammunition.
MK2 Carbine — High accuracy, can take down enemy in one targeted shot, lever action rifle.
SKS – Semi automatic Soviet rifle, light, very fast shoots for rapid fire.

Sniper Rifles

AX-50 — Good for long ranges, sniper rifle with .50 cal BMG ammunition, fast and powerful.
Dragunov — Semi-automatic sniper rifle, gas-operated, good for rapid followup shots.
HDR — Very damaging for long ranges, anti-material bolt action rifle, 12.7x108mm ammunition, low muzzle velocity.


Riot Shield — Ballistic-proof and highly resistant to explosives, this Riot Shield has enhanced melee damage.

COD Warfare Secondary Weapons List

Secondary Weapons include handguns, launchers and melee weapons.


.357 — Double action revolver, good for long ranges, fires .357 Magnum ammunition.
.50 GS — Semi-automatic handgun, very powerful, causes heavy damage, good for medium ranges.
1911 — Semi-automatic side arm, not for long ranges, average rate of fire.
M19 — Semi-automatic, fast cycle rate, 9mm pistol.
Renetti – Good for close range fight.
X16 — Semi-automatic pistol, good for close combats, fires .45 ACP ammunition.


JOKR — Portable, Fire and forget lock-on mission launcher, Infrared guided missile, large explosive yield. Destroys heavy armored vehicles.
PILA — Portable infrared surface-to-air missile. Self propelled, high speed, moderate explosive yield. Also has free-fire option
RPG-7 — Self-propelled rocket launcher, slower projectile having high-explosive yield.
Strela-P — No recoil rifle, great projectile at extreme velocity. Can cause huge damage to vehicles when comes in contact.


Combat Knife — CQC tactical knife, used for fast, quite and deadly network.