Call of Duty: WWII Single Player and Multiplayer and What We Want from It

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Call of Duty: WWII ’s release is due in November and we’ve already prepared our mice and our controllers for the weeks of intense action we’re going to partake in. Even though, we’re massive fans of series and the decision to bring the game back to its roots. But, we’re concerned whether or not the game will prove itself worthy.

Call of Duty Over The Years

Looking back at the years where the series spent in a dystopian future with super humans and robots, it’s safe to say was the time where the series started to decline. Some would argue that Call of Duty: Ghosts was the last straw, while others will say Advanced Warfare should’ve never happened and that’s what killed it.

We believe however, that the declining process started sometime after Black Ops 2. Though, we would love to argue about whether or not the fish AI was an innovation from the COD team (in ghosts), we’ll let that one go.

Call of Duty: WWII: Back To The Roots

Moving on to Call of Duty: WWII, we see a lot of potential; the years of undermining the series, not introducing any new features and creating repetitive black holes has left a massive gap for improvement.

Like, we want to see some iconic characters. Sure, Soap McTavish, Ghost, Captain Price have been some of the most iconic “heroes” of the series, we can’t help but notice the lack of such entities in the newest games, in Advanced Warfare, Infinite Warfare, Ghosts and in Black Ops 3.

We want to know the characters, something which olden Call of Duty games did well, we want to feel their pain and want to fall in love with them. Be inspired by them and want to play like them.  A COD game isn’t complete without a bunch of kick-ass protagonists.

When talking about the campaign in COD games, the community loves it. Though, the recent games haven’t given us the fill we wanted. Sure, Infinite warfare had John Snow and a fairly decent campaign, it wasn’t something to write home about.

World War II has a lot of history behind it, emotions, feeling and experiences. There is a massive burden on Sledgehammer games –the developers of the game- to depict that era in perfection. Battlefield did it amazingly well, introduced a nice variety of heroes and showed us the stories of the humans, not just soldiers, the humans behind the uniforms.

Call of Duty: WWII Single Player and Multiplayer and What We Want from It


There is a great weight on the developer’s shoulders to bring out the true essence of what it was like to be in the Second World War and an even bigger burden to bring back the loads of fans which were lost over the years.

The developers did announce that the campaign story will be told through the game itself and not through any cut scenes and pre-rendered videos. A great step, which will improve the experience and make it feel much more indulging than before.

Essentially, we want a campaign which has amazing story telling with accurate depiction of events and with a story to match.

A New Multiplayer Experience In The Cards

We may finally be seeing a whole lot of changes in the typical format of the game’s multiplayer; it was revealed a little while back that the game will not have a “health regeneration” system, instead players will have to pick up medic kits or heavily rely on their team’s medic when playing.

This system will also be in the campaign, but multiplayer is what it’s going to be good in. The simple step of removing health regeneration implies a lot more to the gameplay than you may think. Firstly, it means that the game is no longer a one man party and the different classes actually will fulfill a purpose.

Taking Lessons from Battlefield 1

It also means that the developers are possibly looking into Battlefield’s classes and taking notes, making the game much more team oriented than just going around no-scoping people. That’s where we believe Call of Duty: WWII will shine through, they will displace the typicality of the series and the repetitive multiplayer and make it into a concept which isn’t new per say, but a requirement.

Yes, Battlefield 1’s Class system isn’t perfect and people still prefer to go in solo; but it’s a lot better than the previous Call of Duty games.

Battlefield 1 handled it well and Call of Duty: WWII may handle it better. As mentioned before, there is a lot of room for improvement over the years, there are a lot of features that the developers can include to make the game an absolute beast in the gaming world.

A simple change in the class system and actually adding weight to the different classes is a perfect way of remapping the multiplayer portion of the game, making an old format seem new and providing a fresh new start to the overused systems.

We may not be steering planes or driving tanks in the series any time soon, though it may happen. There will be however, the typical kill streak awards like artillery, air support and such but we’re excited to see whether or not they come up with a new system.

The maps may also be much larger in Call of Duty: WWII than the previous games, and to truly depict the scale of the war, more players on the servers (though not Battlefield 1 level) and more functionality when it comes to team play, is something we all wish would happen.

Conclusively, there are a lot of ups and downs for switching to the World War format with Call of Duty: WWII. One, there is already massive competition from DICE with Battlefield 1 and two, there is not a lot of things you can do differently before it would start looking like Battlefield.

We sure do expect the game to keep most of its original and typical features for both the Multiplayer and Single player; but, we expect some wonderful surprises to set the game apart from the somewhat failed games from previous years.

The few things which will help the Call of Duty: WWII would probably be an amazing campaign, which would be short but incredibly sweet. The other would be heavily targeting team play instead of solo, because that is what truly defines the events of World War II.

In a nutshell, we’re going to be definitely buying the game, as it is the right direction Activision took and the time to reveal a World War era game was also perfect. We’re not sure where the game will go from there, but we do know that it will meet our expectations at the very least. Let’s wait for E3 2017 for a full reveal. Meanwhile, you can comment about your expectations from the game.