Can Metal Gear Survive Actually Win Over Gamers?

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The fan reaction to Metal Gear Survive was predictably pessimistic. It’s a Metal Gear game without any of the familiar characters, taking place in an “alternate dimension” so there’s no relevant story and it looks like Left 4 Dead. We recently wrote that Metal Gear Survive wasn’t doomed, it just needed to do a few things right, but now it’s starting to look like nothing can save this game. Can Metal Gear Survive win over gamers?

Since the announcement and our previous post, Konami has gone into full-on damage control mode, relieving players that the game will actually feature a lot of stealth. This attitude just screams that the game is, in fact, a cash-grab. If they had waited a few years and had used the Metal Gear for something meaningful it might have been different. But Metal Gear Survive is looking far from meaningful.

We were optimistic about Konami at the time of the announcement. But now the company’s attitude toward the fan reaction isn’t fooling anyone. From the looks of it, they just want to improve their image and make some cash with the Metal Gear name as fast as possible. Konami is guilty until proven innocent.