CES 2016: HTC Vive Pre Virtual Reality Chaperone

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CES 2016 saw the introduction of a fantastic HTC Vive Pre Virtual Reality device. The HTC Vive Pre uses laser-emitting Base Stations on the wall. This creates a 15 by 15 foot virtual reality environment in your living room.

How HTC Vive Pre Virtual Reality Device Works

What you need is  a mask and two motion controllers. That’s all. Once you have them, you can go on exploring your virtual world. The HTC Vive Pre has a camera on the front of the of the device. When you reach the grid, you can see the outline of the objects and people in the room. The view is very good in teal and HTC calls it Chaperone mode.

There is a button on both of the Vive controllers. So when you want to pause the game, double tap on either of these buttons. Then the game space dissolves recreating the real world in a darker shade of teal.

Features of HTC Vive Pre Virtual Reality Device

  • Headset with thicker pads
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Replaceable lenses
  • Mesh strap to hold the lens a pair of glasses
  • Has laser sensors to receive data from the two Base Stations attached on the two walls of your room

Your PC should be a high-end once to make the Vive Pre work. The headset is to be connect to the PC using a long cord. HTC Vive’s new Chaperone feature gives you an enhanced gaming experience. HTC Vive Pre arrives this April.