CES 2017: AMD Reveals Range of Ryzen PCs and AM4 motherboards

CES 2017 AMD Reveals Range of Ryzen PCs and AM4 motherboards

AMD just took the CES 2017 as the perfect platform to reveal a range upcoming of Ryzen PCs and AM4 motherboards. It looks like AMD is entering the high-end of computing market giving tough competition to the others.

At CES 2017, AMD launched 16 high-end AM4 motherboards which will also have CPU coolers. In addition to these, the company also unveiled 17 PCs which will exhibit excellent performance. All of AMD APUs fit into AM4 motherboard socket. There are news that AMD will be releasing the X300 and X370 desktop chipsets for Ryzen PCs.

Now for the new motherboards, new CPU cooler brackets will be needed. For that the company is working with various third-party AM4 cooling solutions vendors. AMD mentioned that Noctua will offer its NH-D15 system and the NH-U12S. Noctua makes some of the best CPU coolers on the market. Let’s hope these Ryzen PCs and motherboards come to the market soon.