CES 2017: Nvidia Announces GeForce Now, 4K Shield TV and More

CES 2017 Nvidia Announces GeForce Now, 4K Shield TV and More

Nvidia took CES 2017  to announce its latest endeavours in the field of AI, autonomous cars and video games service. Nvidia launches Nvidia 4K Shield TV, GeForce Now gaming service.

CES 2017 have been quite exciting for gamers as lot of good stuffs got launched. The Nvidia GeForce Now gaming service will be for PC and Mac. Its venture in autonomous cars led to the announcement of Nvidia BB8 autonomous car.

Nvidia GeForce Now Gaming Service

  • Instead of running the games locally, the cloud service will enable games to run in the cloud.
  • This will lead to no need for downloading huge files and updates.
  • GeForce Now will turn your PC into a Nvidia Pascal gaming rig.
  • Easy access to high-end PC games.
  • Even low-end PCs or Macs will be able to get excellent graphics and performance.
  • It will run through a service similar to Steam.

As per Nvidia blogpost,

“It’s a simple way for new players who may not have access to a high-performance GeForce GTX gaming rig to experience great PC gaming,”

“It connects gamers to GeForce GTX 1080 PCs in the cloud, renders games with the latest NVIDIA GameWorks visual technology and streams them in high definition to PCs and Macs.”

Well CES 2017 is already proving to be amazing for the gaming world.