Chrono is the New Game Store Built to Reward Streamers

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So we have got a brand new game store, Chrono. And the news that is worth paying attention to is that Chrono is set to sell one game per day. It has partnership with Twitchers, YouTubers, bloggers etc. to help then soar high the game’s sales numbers. The benefit for these influencers is that they get a share of the sales apart from the driving traffic to the site.

On the other hand, Chrono’s a bit different.

  • Sells only a single game, directly from the developer
  • Encourages its “influencers” to promote that game
  • At present offering well-known, older games
  • Has huge discount on two fantastic games

So if you are planning to buy from Chrono, you will also get an opportunity to support your favorite streamer. Let’s wait and watch the new game store to evolve and make this new concept bigger.


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