Console Prices To Rise After Trump's New Trade Tariff?

Console Prices To Rise After Trump’s New Trade Tariff?

The 45th President of the United States takes office at the end of this month. According to some reports lately, there’s a chance that the Trump administration might introduce a new Trade Tariff that could affect the console prices in the States.

According to Polygon, this new tax that would be levied on businesses not manufacturing their products in the country. ESA, the association which represents publishers and developers in the United States is already preparing for the worst.

As all three major consoles from Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo is manufactured in China, a 5-10% increase in the price per unit is expected.

An ESA spokesperson said, “We are looking into the issue and can provide more information shortly.

This year sees the launch of the new Xbox Scorpio and this new scheme can well affect the sales. What do you think of this move? Sound off in the comments section.

Shuvo Kumar
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