Dark Souls Like Game Hellpoint Will Feature a Kickstarter Campaign; Set in a Sci-Fi World

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A relatively  new studio by name of cradle games is taking the challenge of creating a Dark Souls type game head on with their new, ambitious project which has all the fundamental properties of Dark Souls but based in a more science fiction world.

Though the game is currently in Pre-Alpha, the game will feature a kickstarter campaign to further fund this game, if we know how much the community loves Dark Souls, we can assume that the campaign will be a success.

Hellpoint is essentially an RPG, which is deeply inspired by the Dark Souls realm. The game is set to release between Q4 2017 and Q1 2018 and will feature 60FPS on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One while having uncapped fps on the PC (Dark souls 3 had capped 60 fps on PC).

Embark on a soul conjuring journey aboard a derelict space station and figure out the twisted series of events that led to an occult quantum catastrophe. Hunt, or be hunted by insane mobs, decadent daemons, and deep space monsters, all under the constant watch of the black hole.


Explore the enigmatic Irid Novo space colony and piece up hints to unravel stories of conspiracies, strange experiments, and cursed rituals.


The Quantic system based on the station 21 hours’ orbit cycles creates a variety of dynamic events which can be sought and raided to discover new depth to the story.


Craft weapons and special skills, use tactic and reflexes to outwit your enemies, learn to avoid death lurking around every corner.


Venture alone, with or against others in multiplayer, and dedicate your character to a Cult.


  • Surprise your opponent by forging your very own supernatural skill using our revolutionary power crafting system.

  • Find your own balance of risks and rewards by performing strange rituals that affects the power and resilience of the enemies

  • Plan and commit to your own network of quantic fast travel checkpoints but think carefully as quantity is limited per playthrough

  • The path you take inside the open-world level design determines which enemies take control of various parts of the station, or which cosmic gods will accept to challenge you

  • A special take on the new game plus design leaves you wondering if you truly discovered the real secret of Hellpoint

The game will also be DRM free as it will be available on GOG as well as Steam.