Dead By Daylight Guide: How to Level Up Fast

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This new game raises the bar for horror survival game genre where the aim is to escape the enclosed forest from the killers. There are useful items and perks but they can be unlocked only when the player reaches a certain level in the game. Experience points are needed for this and this guide will show how to level up quickly.

How to Level Up Fast in Dead By Daylight

Leveling up also enables sharing of experience points with the Killer and Survivor when the player is playing as either respectively. But the Killer normally earns lesser experience points than the Survivor. An example is given. If the player is playing as a Killer and manages to kill all four survivors in the forest, then the player is awarded with 10-13K experience points but if the player is playing as a Survivor and manages to escape the forest, then he is awarded with 15-20K experience points.

Hence, playing as a Survivor and sharing the experience with the Killer is the ideal way to level up faster. For an XP boost of 2K, the player should aim for being the first one to open the exit door when playing as a Survivor. Here is a list.

Skill Checks
Experience Point: 50-150

Experience Point: 150 Per Person

Chest Search
Experience Point: 250

Healing Self
Experience Point: 300

Healing Ally
Experience Point: 300

Blinding Killer
Experience Point: 750

Repairing Generator
Experience Point: 1000

Hook Rescue
Experience Point: 1500

Opening Gate
Experience Point: 1500

Hatch Escape
Experience Point: 2000

Experience Point: 5000