Dead By Daylight Guide: How to survive The Hillbilly

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In this new game, there are Survivors who are looking to escape the forest and there are Killers who are looking to kill the Survivors. There are three types of Killers in this game and this How to survive The Hillbilly guide will explain about one of them that is Hillbilly.

Dead By Daylight Guide: How to survive The Hillbilly

The Hillbilly

This creature is the Second Killer in the game. Armed with a Chainsaw on one hand and a Hammer on the other, this creature is one of the most dangerous ones out there and with one hit, the player’s health can come down to below 50. The player must not hide in the closets when this creature is nearby. A chainsaw revving sound can be heard to identify him.

This creature is set on a Kill Frenzy mode hence the player should not get close to him. It is easy to avoid him though. Just be careful to not get trapped else its lights out.

How to Survive The Hillbilly

The chainsaw revving sound is quite loud and its hard to miss. So this serves as a good indicator of an approaching Hillbilly. The player should not hide when he is around as he can easily identify the player due to his weapons which can cut and chop down rocks, trees and other places to hide. When the player is running, avoid running in a straight path. Experience a few matches with the Hillbilly. The player will get an idea how to survive him.