Deathloop – A Breath of Fresh Air from the Makers of Dishonored

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Deathloop is an action-adventure game about a confrontation between two killers. The player will have to go to the Black Reef Island, where lawlessness and banditry always reign. Two professional hitmen, Colt and Julianne, who fell into a temporary trap, are forced to kill each other to get out of it. Deathloop is developed by Arkane Studios, which is responsible for the Dishonored and Prey series. Deathloop released on September 14, 2021.

Deathloop Review

The plot of the game is pretty simple. The protagonist of Deathloop, Colt Van, is caught in a 24-hour time loop on Black Reef Island. The place is quite colorful: the 60s of the last century, the atmosphere of eternal celebration and fun. Our main character wakes up on the shore, remembering nothing, and from that moment, the game begins.

The goal is to break the time loop and escape from the island. It is hard to do this for several reasons at once. First, you need to track down and kill eight people at once, the so-called ideologues.

These guys are guarding the loop, and Colt is the only one who doesn’t like this state of affairs. The characters know who Colt is and what he’s up to, so they are heavily guarded. Moreover, you only have 24 virtual hours for everything about everything. 

The second difficulty on the way to implementing the escape plan is a whole bunch of enemies. And security systems that Colt will have to deal with. In addition, a girl named Julianne Black is standing in our way. She is one of the ideologues and is the most cunning and dangerous opponent in the game. By the way, another player can take control of Julianne, which significantly complicates local rules.

In general, repeatedly dying and discovering new weapons, abilities and collecting more information about the world around you and your goals, you are approaching the solution of the puzzle and the cherished escape from the island.

About Island

The island is divided into four districts, and they are rather multifaceted, but at the same time compact, especially when, after another failure, you pass them for the tenth time. It may seem that this is not enough for many hours of play. However, it is hardly possible to study the locations in one or even two or five sessions. And secret places or closed doors on each level are not that many, but they are. The game is designed in such a way that with each new cycle, you learn something new about the characters, their relationships, and the world itself. Moreover, your actions directly affect the world.


Deathloop features a massive arsenal of customizable weapons: pistols, shotguns, nailguns, grenades, and more. The shooting itself in the game is quite pleasant. The weapon has a recoil, its weight felt, each barrel has its effective firing range, and reloads time. In general, fans of shooters will have a lot to turn around. Upgrading weapons is done through the so-called Key Fobs. Each cannon has a level – from the first to the fourth.


Deathloop consists of two parts. An atmospheric, story-driven game with Colt and a perky PVP mode with Julianne. Each of the modes is interesting in its way. Playing as Julianne is great session fun, and it’s also wildly fun. With each new level, the heroine gets new opportunities for, so to speak, self-realization and experimentation. You begin to make insidious plans in your head on how to deal with the enemy even more effectively. The single-player campaign is a cross between past Arkane games. In particular, there is a lot from Dishonored.

If you are a fan of Arkane creativity and like strange worlds in which you can entertain yourself, welcome. The game is a whole polygon for entertainment that will give you a lot of pleasure.