Destiny 2 Decrypt Engrams Guide

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We are going to see about Destiny 2 Decrypt Engrams guide. Destiny 2 is releasing for PC in Oct 2017. This first-person shooter game is a sequel to 2014 Destiny game. Engrams are basically blind boxes for gear helping you to increase your power level through the game. Engrams work somewhat differently as compared to the first game so this guide will show when to decrypt these engrams in the game.

Destiny 2 Decrypt Engrams Guide

There is a particular statistic that is worked out by your currently equipped weapons and armour. Engrams are sources to help bring that level up. Engrams no longer make you equip the highest possible gear before going to the Cryptarch. So you may need to infuse a few things or play around with your inventory before making the visit. The game will know your highest potential and will take it into account when you pop in an Engram. This also applies to any drops, chests or activity rewards.

Engrams now give loot on the time of the drop and not when they decrypt so use them as soon as possible to get the benefits. Go to the inventory and hover over an Engram to see the power level it will drop around. But Engrams from factions work differently. An Engram will be ready once you have levelled up a Faction at a vendor.

But if you donot collect the Engram, it will stay with the vendor and scale according to your level. This basically means that you can save Faction Engrams for dire situations. Say you need a power boost but have used up all your normal Engrams. You can use this Engram from the vendor to get the power boost you need.

Note that Legendary Engrams and Faction Rewards have a level cap. From 260 or 270 level onwards, you will have to rely on Powerful Gear Engrams as you will outpace all other Engrams.

And here are a few extra notes on Engrams.

  1. Rare Engrams will decrypt automatically upon collection.
  2. Legendary Engrams have a cap at level 270 and Exotic ones at level 350.
  3. Bright Engrams are opened at the cosmetics vendor Tyra Karn.
  4. The quest the Sturm And Drang quest requires you to open Legendary and Exotic Engrams at a certain point.

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