Destiny 2 Faction Rally Guide and How to Choose a Faction

Destiny 2 is Coming

Destiny 2 is coming out for PC in October 2017. This guide is about Destiny 2 Faction Rally and how to choose a Faction. Faction Rallies was introduced many weeks after the release and it gives players a choice to support one of the three factions in the game. Original game players will recognise the name of the factions. This guide will explain the faction rallies in the game as well as how to choose a faction.

Destiny 2 Faction Rally Guide and How to Choose a Faction

Joining any faction earns you tokens which is used to level up that particular faction. After a week, the faction which has redeemed the most Faction Packages will be declared the winner who will then sell specific weapons to players on their respective planet. And if you happen to be a part of the winning faction, you get a discount. Weapon cost for other players will be 50,000 Glimmer while you just need to spend 1,000 bucks if you are a part of the winning faction. So it goes without saying that being a part of the winning team is most important.

However, gear received from these factions has a level 265/270 power cap. Now, the big question. How to choose a faction? Spoilers below so read at your own risk.

Complete the game’s story and travel to the new Tower social space. You will be promoted to join a faction by visiting one of the three faction vendors.

Dead Orbit

In the Hangar, turn left to the north side.

Future War Cult

In the Hangar, turn left when you go in and go up the stairs.

New Monarchy

In the Bazaar, in the far south-west corner.

It was possible to change factions after joining one in the original game but whether or not the same is true for this game is yet to be confirmed. But you can create multiple characters of different factions.

Consider the following factors to help you decide which faction to choose.

  1. Which faction includes your friends and clanmates?
  2. The faction which has won previous rallies will give you a better chance of success.
  3. Faction you chose in the original game.

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